Technology Development

Cloud/DevOps Engineer

Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Work Type: Full Time

About Anaxee Digital Runners

Anaxee Digital Runners is on a mission to create India's largest last-mile outreach and data collection network using tech-enabled Digital Runners. Their goal is to make access to the remotest parts of India as simple as ordering pizza on demand. Anaxee already serves 11,000 pin codes, covering 57% of India, and is one of the few venture-funded startups in Central India.

Location: Indore
Type: Full Time
Experience: 1 year and above
Salary: Rs. 3 LPA to Rs. 5 LPA (commensurate with expertise)

Job Role

We’re looking for a Skilled Candidate who can work with our team & Perform Comprehensive cloud platform management, troubleshooting, and support across AWS, GCP, and Azure, including cybersecurity, cloud application development, SDLC participation, incident management, operational tools, system management, containerization, networking, and Linux administration.


  • Cloud Management: Manage, maintain, monitor, and handle AWS, GCP, and Azure platforms.

  • Troubleshooting: Triage and troubleshoot issues on AWS, GCP, and Azure, participate in on-call rotations, and address urgent issues promptly.

  • Technical Support: Provide architecture guidance, implementation support, and analysis for project teams and business units.

  • Production Monitoring: Monitor production runs, communicate with the advisory team, and escalate issues to the project team.

  • Cybersecurity: Implement and manage cybersecurity measures through continuous vulnerability assessment and risk management.

  • Cloud Application Development: Design, build, and deploy applications on AWS, GCP, and Azure as directed by lead architects.

  • SDLC Participation: Engage in all aspects of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) for cloud solutions.

  • Incident Management: Troubleshoot incidents, identify root causes, fix problems, document solutions, and implement preventive measures.

  • Training: Educate teams on new cloud-based initiatives and provide training as necessary.

  • Operational Tools: Build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring, and analysis of cloud infrastructure.

  • System Management: Design, deploy, maintain, automate, and troubleshoot virtual servers, storage systems, firewalls, and load balancers in a hybrid cloud environment.

  • Containerization: Utilize Docker for containerization and manage containerized applications.

  • Networking: Manage and troubleshoot networking configurations and ensure network security.

  • Linux Administration: Perform Linux administration tasks on various distributions (e.g., Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL/RedHat).


  • Cloud Platforms: Proficient in AWS, GCP, and Azure.

  • Containerization: Expertise in Docker and managing containerized applications.

  • Networking: In-depth understanding of networking concepts, configurations, and security.

  • Linux Administration: Strong hands-on experience with Linux operating systems (e.g., Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL/RedHat).

  • Automation Tools: Experience with automation tools such as Ansible, Terraform, or similar.

  • Scripting: Proficiency in scripting languages like Python, Bash, or PowerShell.

  • CI/CD: Knowledge of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

  • Monitoring Tools: Familiarity with monitoring tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios, or similar.

  • Security: Experience in implementing security best practices and compliance measures.

  • Database Management: Knowledge of managing databases in cloud environments, both SQL and NoSQL.

  • DevOps Practices: Strong understanding of DevOps principles and practices.


  • Technical Expertise: Strong knowledge and hands-on experience with AWS, GCP, and Azure.

  • Containerization: Expertise in Docker and managing containerized applications.

  • Networking: In-depth understanding of networking concepts and configurations.

  • Operating Systems: Proficient with Linux operating systems (e.g., Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL/RedHat).

  • Experience: 1+ years in the industry.

  • Education: Preferably a Bachelor's degree in a Science or Math field (B.Sc, BCA, B.E., B.Tech).

  • Curiosity and Learning: Eagerness to learn new software, take ownership, and show curiosity in cloud, hosting, programming, software development, and security.

  • Troubleshooting Skills: Ability to troubleshoot technical problems at both the application and system level.

  • Organizational Skills: Strong organizational skills with attention to detail.

  • Risk-Chain Knowledge: Prior knowledge of risk-chain is advantageous.

  • Certifications: AWS/GCP/Azure certifications are a plus.

  • Startup Experience: Experience in a startup environment is highly desirable.

What Anaxee Offers:

  • Startup Flexibility: A flexible working environment typical of startups.

  • Growth Opportunities: Exciting challenges that foster learning, growth, and implementation of new ideas.

  • ESOPs: Employee Stock Ownership Plans.

  • Work Atmosphere: A great working atmosphere in a comfortable office.

  • Impact: Immediate impact on IT operations and ongoing influence on company growth.

Application Process:

  1. Acknowledgment: Receive an acknowledgment email with company details after applying.

  2. HR Contact: If shortlisted, the HR team will reach out via call, email, or WhatsApp within a few days.

  3. Further Information: All additional details will be communicated through the Applicant Management System (AMS).

Pre-Application Steps:

Share the Opportunity: Even if you are not seeking a job, share this opportunity within your network.

Anaxee promotes a culture of creative freedom: Think > Learn > Implement > Grow.


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